The Color Of Our Oceans Is Changing Due To Global Warming

It seems that, according to the latest research, the color of our oceans will be a deeper blue and green by 2100 due to climate change. Huffington Post writes that global warming... Read more »

Babies’ Hearts Could Be Affected By Climate Change

Climate change is very dangerous for our planet and for our lives, but it appears that we haven’t discovered all its effects so far. Scientists recently discovered that the health of babies... Read more »

Study Finds Human Mutation Rates Are Slower than Those of Our Primate Relatives

In a recent study published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark, and Copenhagen Zoo have found that humans’ mutation rate is slower than the one of our primate... Read more »

This Official Major Threat To World Health Is Unbelievably Ridiculous, But Real

What dangerous diseases could lurk around the world in 2019? The World Health Organization has a list with the biggest threat this year so far, and among the ones we already assumed... Read more »

An Open Letter To Support Urgent Action To Reduce Carbon Emissions Was Released By Prominent Group Of Canadians

Climate change is a harsh reality, and now Canada took action in order to try and tackle the problem. An important group of Canadians and international men and women released the text of... Read more »

Climate Change Effects Are Mirrored By Insects After Birds And Bees

  After birds and bees, now the effects of the climate change are mirrored by insects and arthropods as well. These suffered massive losses, says a study from a Puerto Rico forest... Read more »

PBCs and Mercury Threaten the Arctic, Shows Report

Mercury and other contaminants still threaten polar bears and whales, shows a new summary on toxins from the Arctic. In addition to these threats, the study for the Arctic Council found that... Read more »

Small Plants in the Arctic Grow Taller As Climate Change Warms the Region

The Arctic has low-lying shrubs, but with the area warming up due to the climate change, the plants seem to have grown taller than usual. A study found that the plant species... Read more »

Climate Change Also Makes Earth Wobble When it Spins, Say NASA Scientists

The Earth spins around its axis, and the rotation is what causes our 24-hour day. But what you probably didn’t know is that the Earth doesn’t have a smooth rotation. It’s a... Read more »

Climate Change Is Destroying East Antarctica’s Ancient Moss Beds

During Antarctica summer season, for a brief period, East Antarctica’s ancient moss beds emerge from ice and snow to grow, but now, according to a recent study, climate change is destroying them.... Read more »