Report Shows Earth Risks Entering Irreversible “Hothouse” Conditions

To avoid the “hothouse” conditions, humans must do more than reduce emissions of greenhouse gas. The planet is close to reaching these conditions, and we’ll experience a rise in global temperatures by... Read more »

By 2080 A Lot More People Will Die Because of Severe Heat Waves

A study analyzed how humans will adapt to the hotter temperature, and the results were not pretty. According to the paper led by researchers at the Monash University (published on 1 August... Read more »

Scientists Say Killing Rats Could Save the Reefs

In a race to save one of the world’s most beautiful and complex ecosystems, scientists are looking for ways to approach this issue. Until now, the obvious culprits that killed the coral... Read more »

Scientists Could Save Corals If They Focus On Strengthening Their Immune System

Pollution and rising temperature of the waters have been killing many coral reefs in the world. Scientists have tried to find ways to solve this crisis. A researcher has a different approach,... Read more »

The Housing Market Already Affected by Climate Change

Climate change is a worrying phenomenon that keeps affecting our daily lives. Even if authorities ignore it and say that everything is under control, we notice that people are taking it more... Read more »

The Emerald Ash Borer Has Decimated Trees in Canada, And It Keeps on Spreading Due to Climate Change

Climate change keeps on affecting the environment, and it’s the leading cause of destroying sensitive ecosystems. A new study researched at the University of Waterloo focuses on how a bug called the... Read more »

Climate Change is Going to Drastically Affect Future Seasons

It seems like a scenario taken from a dramatic novel or movie that explores how nature is going to take its vengeance on us, all the tragic events being caused by climate... Read more »

30% of Canadians do not Believe that Humans are Behind the Climate Change

Without B.C’s. carbon tax, emissions would be 5 to 15% higher than they are at this moment In online survey made by Abacus Data found that 30% of Canadians don’t put stock... Read more »
climate change global warming Donald Trump

Federal Report On Climate Change Flies In Face Of Trump

Scientists from 13 different federal agencies are behind a new report released today that flies directly in the face of the Trump administration. The report, the Climate Science Special Report states that... Read more »
Julie Payette Governor general climate change horoscopes

Governor General Julie Payette: We Have To Remain Vigilant

With the crazy year of weather we have had, it is shocking that there are still people out there who deny global warming exists or that our climate is changing but these... Read more »