China Is Growing Cotton Plants On The Dark Side Of The Moon

China undoubtedly has the most ambitious space program at the moment, surpassing NASA by far, at least for now. Not only that the Chinese space agency sent a lunar lander to the... Read more »

Leaving Tracks on the Far Side of the Moon: Yutu 2 Begins Exploring the Moon

The first surface exploration of the far side of the moon, also known as the dark side of the moon has begun this Friday. Chang’e 4 has released a rover that will... Read more »

China’s Launching a Man-Made Moon by 2020 To Illuminate Chengdu

How do you cut energy consumption? You replace street lights with a fake moon. That’s what the Chinese space industry has in mind for the citizens of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan... Read more »

Microwave Weapons Were Used In the 2016 Attack of U.S Diplomats, Finds Study

The idea that a nation could use microwave radiation as a weapon dates back from the Cold War when Washington feared that Moscow would turn the technology into a mind-controlling weapon. The... Read more »

China Won’t Share the Samples of a Deadly New Virus – H7N9

Disease spreads easily through a country, and past outbreaks are proof that scientists that were prepared for the new strain knew better how to treat patients. Despite China and the US differences,... Read more »

China has its Own Viral Vaccine Scandal

China has been hit by a scandal related to vaccines and in a land already sensitive to food and drug safety-related issues this is a big deal. The Chinese people became quite... Read more »

SpaceX Has Only One Competitor After Russia Just Gave Up

According to the interview given for the RBC-TV channel, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin thinks that Russia has no reason to compete with SpaceX considering launching vehicles: “The share of launch... Read more »

Medical Institutions get Directions from China to Stop using Huahai Drugs

China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a warning, posted on their official website, that the reviewed medicate, ordinarily used to treat patients with hypertension, ought not to be utilized... Read more »

Einstein Diaries Reveal A Racist Side, Even Though He Criticized It In The USA

Albert Einstein held a speech in the United States against racism and oppression of African Americans, saying that “separation is not a disease of colored people. It is a disease of white... Read more »

A Meteor Lit Up The Sky in China on Friday Evening, Passing With a Thundering Noise

A huge meteorite lit up the sky as it grazed Earth’s atmosphere over southwest China. It passed on Friday evening, shocking the residents of Yunnan with the fiery glow and the thundering... Read more »