Report Shows Nearly 48% US Adults Have a Form of Cardiovascular Disease

  A new report published on 31 January in the American Heart Association (AHA) journal Circulation shows that almost half of the US adults have a form of cardiovascular disease, be it... Read more »

Former President of the American College of Cardiology Says “No One Should Be Doing Keto Diet”

A lot of popular keto diets are based on wrong science, says Dr. Kim Williams. It seems that eating only meat, eggs and fat instead of adding some carbs too is not... Read more »

Consumer Reports: Which is Better for Heart Health, Walking or Running?

We talked about athletes suffering from heart disease even if they were fit and had regular exercise. You might think that this is proof exercise cannot keep heart disease away, but you’re... Read more »

Trying To Be Fit And Healthy? Even Athletes Risk Cardiovascular Disease, Shows UBC Study

Being fit usually means you’re healthy, right? Well, University of British Columbia researchers have found a concerning health fact about athletes. They published the results of the study in the BMJ Open... Read more »

Sleep Is Important for Heart Health: European Society of Cardiology Congress, 2018

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2018 from Munich, Germany was a meeting where many researchers presented their results on different studies concerning heart health – including the “holy grail” pill... Read more »

Study Claims Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Don’t Lower the Risk of Stroke or Heart Attack

A new study conducted by the St. Michael’s Hospital proves that vitamin and mineral supplements have no health benefit. They don’t prevent cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke or early death. The study... Read more »

Gut Bacteria Is Vital: Lower The Risks of Heart Attacks Eating Probiotic Foods

  The human gut contains important microbiome that can determine the risk of atherosclerosis. According to a new research, atherosclerosis is a major cause of heart attacks. It’s the condition that narrows... Read more »

Five Glasses of Alcohol Per Week Will Shorten Our Lives

A new research conducted by the University of Cambridge, partly funded by the British Heart Foundation reveals that regular drinking of alcohol could shorten our life. Alcohol drinking is linked to strokes,... Read more »

Study Shows Nut Proteins Are Beneficial, But Meat Protein Harms the Heart

The risk of heart disease is increased by eating meat protein, but the proteins we get from seeds and nuts are beneficial to our hearts, said a study conducted by Californian and... Read more »

Cardiac Defects in Babies Tied To Post-Pregnancy Cardiovascular Disease in Their Mothers

Mothers that gave birth to babies with congenital heart defects could have a risk of heart problems later in life. They could have a heart attack or heart failure, warns a recent... Read more »