Warming of Oceans: It’s Like Dropping 1.5 Atomic Bombs per Second for 150 Years

Researchers from the Oxford University share a terrifying fact many people still believe to be ‘not that serious.’ However, when you hear that the average heating of the oceans in the past... Read more »

Permafrost CO2 Leak Will Peak In The Next Few Decades, Shows NASA-funded Study

It’s a fact that the Arctic permafrost will gradually thaw because of climate change and the rise of greenhouse gas level to the atmosphere, but a NASA-funded study has some grim news.... Read more »

Diving Robots Discovering Carbon Emissions off Antarctica

A new study that was just published in Geophysical Research Letters shows some unanticipated climate data from the seas around Antarctica. If until the present time the Southern Ocean was believed to... Read more »

A New Stage of Globalization to Weaken the Efforts to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

New research uncovers that the development of carbon production from Chinese fares has impeded or switched, mirroring another period of globalization, between nations which continue to develop that, could undermine universal endeavors... Read more »