Plants Might Lose The Ability To Absorb Human-Made Carbon Dioxide Emissions

According to a new study issued this week in the Nature journal, the plants lose their capacity to absorb human-made carbon dioxide emissions. At the current rate at which we produce CO2,... Read more »

“Highly Hazardous” Iceland Volcano Katla Releases 5% of Global Volcanic CO2 Emissions

The emissions analyzed by researchers near the Katla volcano seem to be higher than previously estimated. The CO2 emissions could become “highly hazardous” if the Icelandic volcano erupts, warn scientists. Eight years... Read more »

Report Shows Earth Risks Entering Irreversible “Hothouse” Conditions

To avoid the “hothouse” conditions, humans must do more than reduce emissions of greenhouse gas. The planet is close to reaching these conditions, and we’ll experience a rise in global temperatures by... Read more »

Bill Gates-funded Startup in Squamish Cleans the Air Sucking Up Carbon Dioxide and Making Fuel

International investors have funded a startup based in Squamish which created a revolutionary technology that could combat climate change in the future. It will also affect the future of global politics and... Read more »

Journalist Uncovers A Shell Report From 1988: We’re Now Facing A Devastating Climate Change

The gravity of climate change was known since 1988, when Royal Dutch Shell analyzed global carbon dioxide emission through the oil, natural gas products and coal products. Recently, these documents have been... Read more »