Graphene Is Useful In Filtering Carbon Dioxide

  If we want to save our atmosphere from breathing carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released by burning fuels, we need to eliminate it from emission by using a chemical technique called... Read more »

Earth’s Tilt Could Accelerate Antarctica Ice Loss

Besides the surge in greenhouse gas emissions which exacerbate global warming, the Antarctic ice loss will also become more sensitive to the Earth’s tilt, at an astronomical scale. According to a new... Read more »

Scientists Created A Carbon-based Powder That Can Trap CO2 Emissions

The researchers from the University of Waterloo created a carbon-based powder that can trap CO2 emissions from factories and plants, reported EurekAlert. Developed in the lab of Zhongwei Chen, a chemical engineer at the... Read more »

Tropical Forests Have Increased Their Capacity To Trap Carbon Dioxide

In recent decades, Earth’s ecosystems have been absorbing between 15% and 30% of human-made CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. A study recently published in the journal Nature Climate Change confirms that terrestrial... Read more »

MIT Scientists Made A Battery From The Carbon Dioxide Captured From Power Plants

The researchers at the MIT developed a battery using the carbon dioxide captured from power plants. The method is more straightforward than using metal catalysts to turn CO2 into specific chemicals which it’s still... Read more »

Turning Carbon Dioxide into Sugar Is the Next Goal for NASA – The US Space Agency Launched a Contest In This Regard

Carbon dioxide is the most dominant gas in the thin atmosphere of Mars, so we are looking for a way to take advantage of this element and turn it into sugar to... Read more »

This Mineral Can Remove CO2 from Atmosphere. Scientists Can Easily Produce It in 72 Days

Magnesite can naturally store carbon dioxide, but it is a slow and long process. Scientists have discovered a new way of creating magnesite. If they can develop it on an industrial scale,... Read more »

A Tiny Water Fern Could Positively Impact Our Environment

A very small fern that grows in water could help lower the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, fix nitrogen in agriculture and even keep insects away from crops. Scientists at the Boyce... Read more »

Calgary Facility Wants to Turn Fossil Fuel Emissions Into Useful Things

On 25 May, the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC) announced that the would start turning carbon dioxide into useful products. The center will test carbon capture and technologies to convert carbon... Read more »

The Carbon Dioxide Makes Plants Less Nutritious, Shows New Study

We fill our planet’s atmosphere with carbon dioxide, impacting the whole globe. What we don’t know is that this also impacts the crops. Not only it changes weather conditions, but it also... Read more »