Canada’s Landfills Might be Plastic Packaging-Free by 2040

Canadian plastic industry aims to make their plastic packaging either recyclable or “recoverable” by 2030. By 2040, they plan to divert plastic from landfills. Environmental groups also want to eliminate by 2025... Read more »

Canadians Born Between 1945 – 1975 Should Test For Hepatitis C

Over 250,000 Canadians live with hepatitis C without knowing about it. So, liver specialists recommend all Canadians to get a blood test to see if they have the virus. Doctors recommend all... Read more »

Astronomer Names Minor Planet After Vancouver First Nation: the Tsawout Asteroid

Harvey Underwood is the proud Tsawout First Nation Chief who now gets to look up at the sky, knowing that the name of their community has a place among the stars. Somewhere... Read more »

Canadian Company Will Make Cannabis Beer – To Get High and Not Drunk

At the Canadian Brewing Awards, Halifax, brewers from all over Canada have gathered to show off their finest brews. But this year’s conference has been eclipsed by a beer that doesn’t yet... Read more »

Canadians That Live in Rural Areas Are Happier Than The Ones Living in the City

It looks like the big city doesn’t sound appealing at all, and according to a study, there’s a new reason to move to the countryside. Researchers at the University of British Columbia... Read more »

The Emerald Ash Borer Has Decimated Trees in Canada, And It Keeps on Spreading Due to Climate Change

Climate change keeps on affecting the environment, and it’s the leading cause of destroying sensitive ecosystems. A new study researched at the University of Waterloo focuses on how a bug called the... Read more »

A Canadian All-Natural Spray Against Ticks Passed Its First Tests with Flying Colors!

A woman from Mahone Bay has created a natural anti-tick spray, and the first scientific tests proved to be a total success. Lisa Ali created AtlanTick after her sons developed Lyme disease... Read more »

University of Saskatchewan Study Analyzed Canada’s Diet: Grains Are Key Nutrients

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan contains a cluster analysis on grain consumption in Canada. The report focused on identifying patterns in grain consumption, using data from the... Read more »

Canada’s Famous Deli Classic Sliced Roast Beef Recalled Due Listeria Contamination

At the end of March, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced that they will recall Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef which was sold at Druxy’s Famous Deli outlets in Ontario. The products are... Read more »

Canada Raises A Red Flag, More Organ Donors Are Urgently Needed

This reminder came at a very difficult time for Canadians, after the Humboldt Broncos bus that crashed in which 15 people died and 14 other people were seriously injured. Logan Boulet, a... Read more »