Canadian Wildfires Confirmed Theories On Nuclear Winter

Canadian wildfires in British Columbia got more and more intriguing for the experts who start believing it is, in fact, a beginning of a nuclear winter. The incidents from 2017, which resulted... Read more »

Massive Solar Storm In 1989 Left Canada In Complete Darkness

An Amazon Prime documentary revealed details about a solar storm that managed to create a disturbance rupture into our planet’s magnetosphere. The event left Canada in complete darkness for a bit, after... Read more »

Canada Has to Revamp the National Lunar Exploration Strategy

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently announced that Canada will participate in the new space exploration project devised by NASA. While the news should be great, some citizens will doubt the utility... Read more »

Tyrannosaurus Rex Found In Canada Is The World’s Largest T-Rex

Scotty, named as such after the bottle of scotch that the researchers drank after their discovery, is a Tyrannosaurus Rex that was found in Canada. Now, scientists revealed that Scotty is the... Read more »

Teen Girls to Get HPV Vaccine Are Not More Likely to Engaged in Risky Sex, Shows UBC Study

Even though girls get vaccinated against the Human papilloma virus (HPV), they do not prefer to engage in a risky sexual activity, shows UBC study. The study was published on 15 October... Read more »

The Funniest Nobels Ever: Canadian Professor Among 2018 Ig Nobels Winners

A study conducted by Lindie Liang, an assistant professor of business at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., just received an Ig Nobel award. “We wanted to understand why subordinates retaliate when... Read more »

NAFTA Talks: Canada Threatened With Exclusion If No Deal Reached By October 1st

The pressure is mounting as we approach the wrap up of NAFTA talks, a senior source indicates that Canada is okay with missing that deadline, although Canada is threatened with exclusion if... Read more »

Salmonella Warning On Frozen Raw Breaded Chicken Products

Canada’s chief medical officers came out with a joint statement after associating hundreds of Salmonellosis cases over the past 16 months to frozen raw breaded chicken products contaminated with Salmonella. “Food contaminated with Salmonella may... Read more »

Deeply Disturbing Statistics Show Canada’s High Rates of Suicides, Child Abuse and Infant Mortality

The global reputation Canada has had so far that it’s a healthy and safe place to raise children is now hit by statistics that found life is not that pink: there are... Read more »

Controversial E-cigarette Giant Juul Expands to Canada

The E-cigarette Giant Juul Labs Inc. is now targeting Canada, considering “it’s effectively our backyard,” said the co-founder of the start-up, James Monsees. The San Francisco-based company has decided that Canada is... Read more »