Eating Disorders in Teens Increases the Risk of Depression and of Being Bullied

Researchers have recently published a study called ‘Longitudinal Associations Among Bullying by Peers, Disordered Eating Behavior, and Symptoms of Depression During Adolescence’, in JAMA Psychiatry. According to the study, eating disorders increase... Read more »
Keaton James GoFundMe

Keaton James GoFundMe Account Frozen

Keaton James GoFundMe account frozen over suspicion of Mother’s motive If your little boy was being bullied at school, and asked you to make a video so he could speak out against... Read more »
keaton jones bullying

Keaton Jones Bullying Video Prompts Heart Felt Response From Hailee Steinfeld

Keaton Jones bullying video prompts uber support from celebrities A little boy named Keaton Jones from the state of Tennessee is fighting back against the bullies that torment him. Keaton is sick... Read more »