Field Workers Make Many Exciting Discoveries At Excavation Site In British Columbia

During excavations in 2017 and 2018, two exciting specimens were discovered. Both of them belong to an extinct lower Cambrian genus of echinoderm and they are the only ones of their kind... Read more »

British Columbia ​Predicted To Have A Summer Filled With Wildfires

Specialists predict that Canadian province British Columbia​ is prone to encounter another arid summer, filled with smoke from wildfires. When the smoke covered Metro Vancouver the previous summer, many residents had to... Read more »

British Columbia’s 500-million-Year-Old Fossil Deposit Adds A Branch To the Tree of Life

In his peer-reviewed study which was published Wednesday in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B (UK), Joe Moysiuk shows that a bug-like creature found in the ancient Burgess Shale fossil deposit... Read more »

Teen Girls to Get HPV Vaccine Are Not More Likely to Engaged in Risky Sex, Shows UBC Study

Even though girls get vaccinated against the Human papilloma virus (HPV), they do not prefer to engage in a risky sexual activity, shows UBC study. The study was published on 15 October... Read more »

British Columbia Government Sues Pharmaceutical Companies Over The Opioid Crisis

On yesterday, August 29th, British Columbia Government, in Canada, adopted a proposal and now sues tens of pharmaceutical companies over the opioid crisis that’s currently affecting the country. Accordingly, the officials alleged... Read more »

British Columbia’s Health Boards Introduce New Addictions Services in Response to Overdose Problem

According to a recent survey released by the Fraser Health Authority, only half of drug users who have accessed addictions services fulfilled their needs, while almost two-thirds of the relatives of those... Read more »

New Mental Health and Addictions Model Launched in British Columbia

In order to address mental health and addiction issues, a new model was launched by the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Judy Darcy. The first step is the launch of an... Read more »

Man in Langley Fights to Survive Necrotizing Fasciitis

Three weeks ago, mechanic Rob Erke felt a pain in his shoulder, but he brushed it away. The pain got worse, and he went to a doctor, who prescribed him some painkillers.... Read more »

B.C. Puts Together an Advisory Council For Protection of Wild Salmon

Wild salmons are at risk, and now the B.C. government introduced an advisory council to deal with this problem. They will develop recommendations for a strategy to protect the wild salmon. Premier... Read more »

Salmon Fishing Banned in Parts of B.C. Coast to Protect the Orca Population

Parts of the West Coast have been closed, as the federal officials are trying to protect the threatened orca population. Starting with 1 June, parts of Juan De Fuca Strait, the mouth... Read more »