Researchers Identify a New Part in the Brain

Over three decades ago George Paxinos observed a variety of strange-looking cells near the stem of the brain, but he dismissed them as nothing important. He returned to the region in 2018... Read more »

Sadness Manifests Physically in Your Brain

A team of researchers has discovered that negative feelings like sadness and anxiety are able to activate a link between two specific regions of the human brain.According to the study the scientist... Read more »

Neuroscientists Link the Brains of 3 People, And The Three Play Tetris Together

You’ve probably thought we were joking. Even though it sounds weird, the experiment was conducted, and it was successful. Neuroscientists were able to connect three brains and allow the test subjects share... Read more »

Octopuses On Ecstasy – Scientists Find The Drug Makes Them Friendlier and Sociable

The illegal substance commonly known as ecstasy (MDMA) can make humans euphoric and feel closer to others, a popular drug used in festivals or nightclubs. But scientists wanted to see what are... Read more »

UBC Study Shows Why People Are Lazy: It’s How the Brain Is Wired

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found that we are lazy because of the way our brain is wired. Their findings were published in the Neuropsychologia, explaining why society got... Read more »

Doctors Study Rare Case: After a Lobectomy, This Young Boy’s Brain Reorganized Itself

After a young boy had a large part of his brain removed, doctors were stunned to see how the human brain started to reorganize itself. The brain is a powerful “computer” that... Read more »