Elon Musk Made Fun Of Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin’s Spaceship for the Moon, ‘Blue Moon’

Jeff Bezos announced that his private space company named Blue Origin targets the Moon, and he revealed its first lunar lander, the ‘Blue Moon’ on Thursday, at the Washington Convention Center in... Read more »

SpaceX And Blue Origin Canceled Their Rocket Launches

This has not been a successful week for SpaceX and Blue Origin at all. December 18 was supposed to be a really important day for private spacecraft companies and space agencies all... Read more »

NASA Forges Partnerships For Development of Space Exploration Tech

Jim Bridenstine, the current administrator from NASA, seems to be very interested in private spaceflight, a trend seen in the latest funding for space exploration technology: “These awards focus on technology collaborations... Read more »

Famous Astronaut Chris Hadfield Doesn’t Think NASA, SpaceX or Blue Origin Will Get to Mars

Astronauts getting to Mars is the ‘next big thing’ in space exploration. However, legendary astronaut Chris Hadfield doesn’t believe that NASA, SpaceX or Blue Origin will be able to send humans on... Read more »