Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper On the Black Hole Information Paradox Just Got Published

The final paper written by Stephen Hawking which dealt with the black hole information paradox has just been published by his colleagues in the journal arXiv. The team he worked with finished... Read more »

Black Holes can Revive Dead Stars

A new study suggests that dead stars which are close enough to black holes can be reignited temporarily. A computer simulation was run by researchers in order to find out what would... Read more »

Physicists Discovered Evidence Of Another Universe

Roger Penrose, a renowned mathematician and physicist from the University of Oxford, and his team discovered the proof of the conformal cyclic cosmology existence, which is a hypothetical model in which the Universe’s future is... Read more »

Astronomers See For the First Time a Black Hole Eject Material as it Rips Star Apart

Astronomers used radio and infrared telescopes while looking at a supermassive black hole. They saw, for the first time how the black hole ejected material as it ripped apart a star. Most... Read more »

LISA Will Detect Binaries from Globular Clusters in the Milky Way

The European Space Agency mission called Laser Interferometer Space Antenna – or LISA will be able to detect and precisely measure gravitational waves. Astronomers define gravitational waves as tiny ripples in the... Read more »