Scientific Breakthrough Sheds More Light On How It All Started: The Beginning Of Our Universe

The universe was much brighter at its beginning than ever believed, according to the latest discovery. A breakthrough study could reveal the way in which everything began, and the universe came to... Read more »

New Hypothesis Envisions how the Universe looked before the Big Bang

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Researchers Learned More About Star Formation By Studying 13.2-Billion-Year-Old Ancient Stars

A team of researchers discovered an interesting radio signal which originated from interstellar dust which is found within MACS0416_Y1, a galaxy located in the Eridanus constellation, at approximately 13.2 billion light-years away... Read more »

Big Bang “Fossil” Hiding In Space, Spotted By Astronomers

The first stars that formed after Big Bang are gone by now, but their signature is still present in the deep Universe where so-called “fossil relics” of the earliest celestial bodies hide... Read more »