Bacteria That Produce Electricity, Found By MIT Scientists

Deep underwater, in mines, and even in the human gut, bacteria are some microscopic power plants. These microorganisms generate electricity to adapt to the harsh conditions they live in and survive them.... Read more »

Pneumonia Outbreak In Italy Might Have Been Caused by Bacteria in Water Supply

Just recently, Italy has been hit by a strong pneumonia outbreak that afflicted over 100 individuals. Now, the Italian health officials are investigating whether the bacteria in the water supply are the culprits for... Read more »

Tropical STD That Causes Genitals To Rot Away Discovered For the First Time in the U.K.

If cases of flesh-eating bacteria like the necrotizing fasciitis haven’t frightened you before, then this next one will. A rare STI called Donovanosis, which is usually found in tropical countries like southeast... Read more »

Bacteria Evolves to Become Hand Sanitizer Resistant

A recent study reveals that bacteria can develop a tolerance to the alcohol used in hand sanitizers. This research focused on bacteria collected from two Australian hospitals from 1997 until 2015, which... Read more »

New Research Shows Bacteria Exterminated at Higher Rates than Expected

The new theory shows that in the past million years between 45,000 and 95,000 types of bacteria have gone extinct. Researchers have also discovered that bacteria resists mass extinction, hitting strong life... Read more »

Researchers Find That Bacteria Species Can Often Become Extinct

Scientists have always believed that microbes don’t usually go extinct, but new research found that bacteria species can die off, and it happens a lot more often than we’d think. The study... Read more »

Man in Langley Fights to Survive Necrotizing Fasciitis

Three weeks ago, mechanic Rob Erke felt a pain in his shoulder, but he brushed it away. The pain got worse, and he went to a doctor, who prescribed him some painkillers.... Read more »

Solar Cells can now be Powered by Bacteria Even with Little Light

A group of scientists from the University of British Columbia have managed to re-engineer the E. coli bacteria so that they can power solar cells. This study, published last week in the... Read more »

War Tactics: Bacteria Can ‘Divide and Conquer’ to Kill the Enemies

Some types of bacteria can deal with their enemies in a peculiar manner. They release toxins and make their neighbors attack each other. This tactic can be used by scientists to help... Read more »

E. Coli Outbreak Kills Five People, almost 200 Sick in the U.S. After Eating Romaine-Lettuce

In the US, tainted lettuce caused a national food poisoning outbreak, killing a total of five people. Health officials have stated that there are almost 200 other people sickened after consuming romaine... Read more »