Giant Sea Creature Found By Australian Scientists in South Australia

The impressive file of a giant sea creature, a trilobite, was found in South Australia. The animal was quite remarkable, measuring 30 centimeters in length and fitted with powerful spines which may... Read more »

Galleonosaurus Dorisae Was A Wallaby-Sized Dinosaur That Lived In Australia 125 Million Years Ago

Fossils discovered in Australia revealed that 125 million years ago there were dinosaurs the size of a wallaby. Researchers found five fossilized jaws, and the dinosaur was unidentified at first. Finally, scientists... Read more »

‘Headless Chicken Monster’ Caught on Film in The Depths of the Southern Ocean

If you were wondering what this creature is and why is it nicknamed headless chicken monster, then you’re going to have a surprise. This sea creature is – of course – not... Read more »

An 81-year-old Man Saved 2.4 Million Babies By Donating His Rare Blood

A regular blood donation can save three lives, and a plasma donation can save 18 lives. But this man from Australia has saved 2.4 million lives! How can this be possible? James... Read more »