The Ghost of a Strong Cosmic Explosion Detected by University of Toronto Astronomers

University of Toronto researchers have just recorded a sonic boom from a very strong and unseen cosmic explosion emitted from a distance of 280 million light-years away. In that spot, a star... Read more »

“Planet Nine” Could Be Lurking In Our Solar System, Said Astronomers

According to Surhud More, an astronomer at the University of Tokyo, there could be a ninth planet lurking at the edge of our solar system: “Every time we take a picture there... Read more »

Andromeda Ate Milky Way’s Sibling Almost 2 Billion Years Ago

In a new study, scientists just discovered a baffling fact about our galaxy: Milky Way had a big sibling until roughly two billions of years ago when it was torn apart by... Read more »

Check Out Mars This Month. You Won’t See it Shine This Bright Until 2035!

If you like to get out and gaze at the night sky, you might have spotted a bright red star. That’s not a star – it’s Mars. The Red Planet will be... Read more »

One Small Photo For Us, One Giant Leap For Astronomy  

Scientist witnessed the petite dazzling star arise. They were helped by the European Southern’s Observatory Very Large Telescope from Chile. The temperature of about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and it weights 4 times... Read more »

Astronomers Discover a Newborn Planet 370 Light Years Away

The first photo of its kind shows a newborn planet that is taking shape 370 light years from Earth. Gas and dust surround it, and the image is the first confirmation of... Read more »

Vancouver Sky Will Light Up Under the Full Strawberry Moon Tonight

Tonight’s the night when you should stay awake and check out the sky. If you’re in Vancouver, then you’ll see a full Strawberry Moon appear tonight. And if you’re wondering why the... Read more »

Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity Was Tested on Galactic Scales

An experiment published in the journal Science shows that Einstein’s theory of general relativity works on a huge scale. Astronomers used a galaxy to see if the theory works on a larger... Read more »

Astronomers See For the First Time a Black Hole Eject Material as it Rips Star Apart

Astronomers used radio and infrared telescopes while looking at a supermassive black hole. They saw, for the first time how the black hole ejected material as it ripped apart a star. Most... Read more »

Astronomers Believe There Are 121 Planets With Habitable Moons. Will They Also Find Signs of Alien Life?

Over 100 planets have moons that could be inhabited, found astronomers. They were looking into the cosmos to detect signs of extraterrestrial life. NASA launched the Kepler space telescope in 2009, and... Read more »