Water On Earth Was Brought By Asteroids, A New Study Concluded

When we are little we ask a lot of questions, and maybe one of them is about the deep Oceans and seas that we see. But when we grow older, we are... Read more »

NASA and International Partners Are Making a Plan for Asteroid Impact Scenario

We have seen tons of reports, studies, and discoveries about asteroids, comets or NEOs in general, passing near-Earth. The real problem is when it will happen for real – an asteroid to... Read more »

NASA Is Rushing to Launch Asteroid-Detecting Technology

NASA is rushing to launch its NEOcam infrared space telescope, an asteroid-detecting technology that will help spot asteroids that threaten to hit Earth, as it is a question of when, not if,... Read more »

Water On Near-Earth Asteroids Would Be Useful For Future Space Colonists

Water plays a vital role in the existence of life, and it is also essential for a variety of processes. Some researchers believe that future space colonists could harvest water reserves which... Read more »

NASA Wants to Weigh Asteroids Using a “Flock” of Probes

Our planet might be surrounded by asteroids, but we don’t know much about them. NASA wants to learn how they behave and they intend on weighing them. The agency will have many... Read more »

Earth’s Minimoons Can Help Scientists Learn More About Asteroids

Some of the space rocks that get close to our planet start orbiting it for a while and then they are discarded. Scientists have named them “minimoons,” and they believe that these... Read more »

NASA Wants to Turn Asteroids Into Autonomous Spacecraft With the Help of 3D Printing Company

In a recent announcement, NASA stated that they’re funding a 3D printing company from California to find a way and turn asteroids into autonomous spacecraft. Imagine asteroids that can fly to outposts... Read more »

Asteroids are Plain Rocks or Five Destroyed Worlds?

A cloud of gas and dust was the matter from which all planets and the world originates…but what is exactly the origin of the asteroids? Origin of the world Outside factors as... Read more »

How Can Asteroids Destroy Our Planet?

We all know the story of the asteroid which made the dinosaurs extinct. But is there a possibility that an asteroid can make humanity have the same fate as dinosaurs, too? Scientists... Read more »

The Hayabusa 2 Arrives Safely Close to Ryugu After Its 3.5-Year Journey

On 27 June, the Japanese spacecraft named Hayabusa 2 (‘peregrine falcon‘ in Japanese), arrived above the diamond-shaped asteroid Ryugu, which is 300 million kilometers away from Earth. It has traveled for three-and-a-half... Read more »