A Pair Of Japanese Robots Reached The Surface Of An Asteroid

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) managed to deploy two rovers on an asteroid which was named Ryugu. The landing represented the end of a four-year mission, and its success was announced... Read more »

Astronomers Want To Put An Asteroid On A Collision Course with Earth

  Just thinking about an asteroid heading towards Earth, and it might give you thrills. But, for some scientists, a big space rock on a collision course with our world could be a... Read more »

Massive Asteroid Larger Than The Great Pyramid Of Giza Approaches Earth Next Week With Over 20,000 MPH – It’s Classified As “Potentially Hazardous”

Get ready for an exciting event that will take place during the next week. A massive asteroid that’s estimated to be double the size of a Boeing 747 is headed towards a... Read more »

Asteroid vs. Comet: What Are the Main Differences?

So it happened in October 2017 that an object made its appearance in the interior of Milky Way at about 196,000 miles per hour. After that, it just headed away. The astronomers... Read more »