A Giant Asteroid Will Pass Earth in a Decade, And NASA Keeps An Eye On It

Incredible news from science we have today! We have information from NASA that a giant asteroid will be visible to us when it passes close to Earth. Its distance will be like... Read more »

1,000-foot wide asteroid, visible with the naked eye will pass by Earth in 2029

Approximately a decade from now, apparently, a rather massive rock is going to have a close encounter with our planet, more exactly on Friday the 13, the month of April, 2029. Apophis,... Read more »

ESA Operations and NASA Have Joined Forces to Save the World from Asteroid Impact

April 29 announce the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference from Washington Dc, where all of the world’s asteroid experts are coming. The meeting plans are to participate in a test; a hypothetical asteroid... Read more »

​SpaceX Will Receive $69M From NASA to Crash a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid

SpaceX was awarded with a $65 million contract from NASA to change the course of an asteroid by crashing a spacecraft on it. The mission is called the Double Asteroid Redirection (DART),... Read more »

Fossilized Fish May Teach Us Details About The Day Dinosaurs Were Killed By The Asteroid That Hit Earth

We may be about to learn more details on the day when an asteroid hit Earth and killed the dinosaurs about 66 million years ago. And all this, thanks to the discovery... Read more »

Hubble Space Telescope Spotted A Fast-Spinning Asteroid That Is Self-Destructing

When most people think of an asteroid, they are likely to imagine a giant rock which moves through space at high speed. While this scenario is valid for a large number of... Read more »

Massive Asteroid, 2019 CL2, Will Fly Past Earth On Monday, NASA Reported

Our planet will have a close call with a massive asteroid named 2019 CL2. The asteroid is traveling at around 16,800 mph, and it is 390 feet wide. Nonetheless, there is no... Read more »

Asteroid Warning: We Could Be Hit Tomorrow, US Defense Secretary Says

Killer asteroids with massively destructive potential to wipe out the planet strike every hundred of millions of years. Now, the latest reports coming from Express.co.uk say that William Cohen, the former US... Read more »

A Spacecraft will Correct Samples from an Asteroid without Touching it

OSIRIS- Rex was launched two years ago and it spent most of its time on tracking down an asteroid called Bennu. Researchers believe that samples from Bennu may help them to find... Read more »

NASA is Planning to Bring a Small Part From an Asteroid to Earth by 2023

Over the centuries, people have always been fascinated by space. Before the first man set foot outside the Earth’s atmosphere, every scientist and free thinker tried to find answers for the riddles... Read more »