NASA To Invest In Experimental Robots To Survey Lunar Craters And Asteroid Mining

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Asteroid Mining Would Need Us To Build Space Stations Inside Space Rocks

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Hayabusa2 Update: Two Mini-Robots Dropped Towards the Ryugu Asteroid

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) stated on Friday that their space probe Hayabusa2 was preparing to release two rovers that would explore the Ryugu Asteroid. These small robots will collect minerals... Read more »

Asteroid Mining Could Offer Us The Needed Resources For The Future Colonization Missions

Colonizing other planets is a challenging process. The most important fact we should pay attention to when venturing into such a journey would be to obtain the necessary resources for sustaining life... Read more »

Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC), A Scottish Firm, Plans On Launching The UK’s First Asteroid Mining Operation

Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC) is a Scottish startup company that announced it’s up and ready to launch the UK’s first asteroid mining operation. While in July AMC revealed its plans to build... Read more »

Asteroid Mining Could Be Tested On Earth’s Mini-Moons

The Giant Impact Hypothesis talks about the collision between the Earth and a Mars-sized planet dubbed as Theia. According to this theory, the debris left behind by this cosmic collision formed the... Read more »

Interested in a Job for Asteroid Mining? There’s a Masters for It in Colorado

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Space Lawyer Explains Who “Owns” the Moon

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NASA Wants to Turn Asteroids Into Autonomous Spacecraft With the Help of 3D Printing Company

In a recent announcement, NASA stated that they’re funding a 3D printing company from California to find a way and turn asteroids into autonomous spacecraft. Imagine asteroids that can fly to outposts... Read more »

Asteroids Could Make Everyone on Earth £75 billion Richer

Forget about cryptocurrency, because asteroid mining is the next thing and companies are already rushing to get to space and mine some ore. According to NASA, asteroids have a big value: up... Read more »