NASA Is Going Mythological With Asteroid Bennu

Asteroid Bennu is one of the Near-Earth Objects that is currently being studied by NASA. The space agency has a craft orbiting the rock, designated Osiris Rex. A new map is presently... Read more »

Asteroid Bennu Is Spinning Faster Than Usual, Puzzling The Scientists

It seems that scientists have another mystery on their hands. A NASA probe explores the Asteroid Bennu, and it appears that it already noticed something strange. As it turns out, Asteroid Bennu... Read more »

NASA’s Asteroid-Sampling Mission, OSIRIS-REx, Commenced Its Science Work Yesterday

According to the NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission’s ground control, the asteroid-sampling spaceship’s commenced its science work yesterday, September 11th, 2018. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft launched in September 2016 with the mission to study the 640-foot-wide... Read more »

NASA Osiris-Rex Makes The Last Maneuvers For Its Encounter With Asteroid Bennu

NASA Osiris-Rex, or “Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security – Regolith Explorer,” took off in 2016 going after the asteroid Bennu to learn more about space rocks. However, a few days ago,... Read more »