Quebec Robot Nao Helps Students With Learning Difficulties

Meet the cutest teacher’s assistant, Nao the robot that even held his own news conference in Montreal on 3 May. He talked about his accomplishments in helping students with autism spectrum disorder... Read more »

Google’s AI Can Now Pick Out A Single Voice In A Crowd

We’re better at listening to a person when there are more people taking in a crowd, but Google’s AI is now as good as us! You might have noticed that the AI... Read more »

AI Robots Will Learn to Conduct Science Experiments on Their Own

Brian Storey is a scientist with the Toyota Research Institute, leading a project with AI machines running experiments. But the robotic arm doesn’t just pick bottles, adds a precise number of drops... Read more »

AI May Get Depressed or Hallucinate in the Future

Scientists believe that they could make AI learn emotion. They can introduce a hormone-like system and, using machine learning, it could also risk learning how to feel or it could also experience... Read more »