Artificial Neural Networks Used To Predict New Stable Materials

Lately, artificial neural networks, some algorithms inspired by connections in the brain, were trained to perform a variety of tasks, from detecting obstacles and pedestrians in self-driving cars to analyze medical images and... Read more »

“Mysterious Radio Bursts” Detected By Alien-Hunting Artificial Intelligence Program

Humanity has developed such impressive technology that now, artificial intelligence helps discover alien life in the universe by discovering mysterious radio bursts. Space Signals From a Galaxy 3 Billion Light Years Away... Read more »

Scientist Warns About The Future of Artificial Intelligence: A Challenge Humanity Must Face

The future president of the British Science Association, Professor Jim Al-Khalili, warned in a briefing before this week’s British Science Festival in Hull that artificial intelligence will challenge humanity in the future.... Read more »

NASA’s Frontier Development Lab and Intel Create GPS For Space

A GPS for space should come with an epic voice. Just think of it: “turn left in 350 kilometers,” or “traffic ahead.” That’s what you’d hear from Google Maps or other GPS... Read more »

Pledge Signed that no Artificial Intelligence will be Used as a Weapon

According to Future of Life Institute, 160 companies and 2,400 individuals have signed a pledge in which it is stated that “neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade or use... Read more »

Canadarm2 Grabs the Dragon Shipment Arriving at the International Space Station

Last Friday, the SpaceX mission was launched bearing goods to the International Space Station. They arrived on Monday, and the astronomers couldn’t be happier. The rocket carried a Dragon capsule which got... Read more »

Quebec Robot Nao Helps Students With Learning Difficulties

Meet the cutest teacher’s assistant, Nao the robot that even held his own news conference in Montreal on 3 May. He talked about his accomplishments in helping students with autism spectrum disorder... Read more »

Google’s AI Can Now Pick Out A Single Voice In A Crowd

We’re better at listening to a person when there are more people taking in a crowd, but Google’s AI is now as good as us! You might have noticed that the AI... Read more »

AI Robots Will Learn to Conduct Science Experiments on Their Own

Brian Storey is a scientist with the Toyota Research Institute, leading a project with AI machines running experiments. But the robotic arm doesn’t just pick bottles, adds a precise number of drops... Read more »

AI May Get Depressed or Hallucinate in the Future

Scientists believe that they could make AI learn emotion. They can introduce a hormone-like system and, using machine learning, it could also risk learning how to feel or it could also experience... Read more »