The Fate of Franklin Expedition’s Crew Was Debunked By Saskatoon’s Synchrotron

Back in 1845, the crew members of the Franklin Expedition didn’t have luck on their side. One of the theories proposed was that they died of lead poisoning, but a team of... Read more »

3 Million Years Ago, Toddlers Could Walk Upright and Climb Trees

Scientists have reanalyzed fossils of a three-million-year-old toddler of an early hominid species called Australopithecus afarensis. They realized that the children could walk on two feet and climb trees. The discovery is... Read more »

Scientists Discovered a New Theory: Our Eyebrows and Foreheads Helped Us Survive

What’s the difference between us and our ancient Homo heidelbergensis? Well, it’s the brow and the forehead! Our ancestors had heavy brows and very small foreheads, and if we had those too,... Read more »

Western Canada Island Hid 13,000 Years Old Human Footprints

Archaeologists have recently discovered human footprints on a beach on Calvert Island, northeast of Vancouver Island, Canada. These footprints appear to date back to 13,000 years ago. That would mean these are... Read more »