Antimatter Bombs Can Destroy the Earth, But, Luckily, They’re Only Theoretical

Antimatter bombs are apparently theoretical but incredibly frightening as it has the disastrous abilities of a fabric adamant on destroying matter. These bombs are the counterpart of ordinary matter, just like the... Read more »

Charge-parity Violation In Charm Quarks Might Explain The Matter And Antimatter Imbalance In The Universe

During a new experiment, researchers from CERN managed to measure the charge-parity violation occurs in the charm quarks. According to the researchers, the statistical significance of the discovery reaches 5.3 σ which... Read more »

Antimatter, Antihydrogen Atoms, To Be Released To Observe Its Interaction With Gravity

Regardless of which experiments the researchers come up with, antimatter is behaving pretty much like regular matter. In a new study, the scientists studied antihydrogen atoms to learn more about the differences... Read more »

A New Study Conducted At CERN Has Revealed The Color Of Antimatter

  Scientists at CERN in Geneva have recently discovered the color of antimatter. They call it an “unprecedented color,” revealed by its structure. When the universe was created, matter and antimatter were... Read more »