Global Antibiotic Resistance Could Be Defeated – Researchers Cure Drug-Resistant Infections Without Antibiotics

Resistance to antibiotics could have a cure. Infectious disease doctors, drug experts, microbiologists, and biochemists have all teamed up for the latest study that shows antibiotics are not always mandatory in order to... Read more »

The Severity of Cold Is Linked To Nasal Microbiome, Shows University of Virginia Research

The microbiome is a term highly used and known about when we refer to the gut bacteria, but many other parts of our body harbor a microbiome – like our noses. A... Read more »

Doctors Will Be Told To Promote Honey Instead Of Antibiotics To Treat Coughs

Doctors will reportedly be told to promote honey and over-the-counter remedies as the to-go treatment for coughs rather than antibiotics. It seems that they will be told not to offer drugs in... Read more »

An International Rescue Operation Involved Delivering Antibiotics to a Killer Whale

Experts from Vancouver and all over the world are trying to save a killer whale, part of an endangered species, just off the West Coast. They injected the young mammal with much-needed... Read more »

Lyme Disease Can Cause Rare Complications, Attacking the Heart, Says Ontario Doctor

A Cardiologist in Kingston, Ontario warns health care professionals in Canada to be aware of a serious complication of Lyme disease. The bacteria can start attacking the heart before doctors realize what’s... Read more »

Can Ibuprofen Treat Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections In Women?

  The best way to treat a urinary tract infection is with antibiotic treatment, as it rapidly eliminates the symptoms. But aren’t there other drugs that could do the job, without the... Read more »

Study Shows Americans Took Too Many Antibiotics for Sinus Infections

A few days ago, CDC published a study in JAMA Internal Medicine, called ‘Antibiotic therapy duration in US adults with sinusitis’. The authors of the study concluded that Americans have been prescribed... Read more »