Rare Lava Lake Was Discovered In The Sub-Antarctica​ South Sandwich Islands

The kind of magma we imagine when we picture volcanoes, the lava boiling in puddles and endangering everything near is pretty rare, with only a few persistent lava lakes in the world.... Read more »

Massive Iceberg Will Soon Break Off Antarctica

The Brunt Ice Shelf was plagued for years by two cracks which have continued to grow and are now separated by a few miles. Researchers believe that a large-scale calving event may... Read more »

Scientists Found Out What Causes The Mysterious Craters That Appear In Antarctica

A coat of floating ice that takes form over Antarctica’s Weddell Sea each and every winter is a puzzling enigma. Once in a while, a huge crater will appear, unveiling the dark,... Read more »

Flat Earthers Plan To Go To Antarctica To Find Proof That The Earth Is Flat

To find the frozen barrier and prove that the Earth is flat, the Flat Earthers decided to sail to Antarctica because they believe it marks the edge of our world. Flat Earthers... Read more »

Thousands Of Ice Quakes Shake Antarctica Each Night

A team of researchers has discovered that at least one of the Antarctic ice shelves is affected by a series of thousands of weak ice quakes. The researchers placed several seismometers on... Read more »

Huge Iceberg Might Break Off Antarctica

An iceberg which is twice as big as New York City may soon break free from an Antarctic ice shelf after a rift which appeared within the shelf began to grow at... Read more »

Antarctica Meltdown Can Trigger A Global Sea Level Rise Of 20 Feet

When the first humans appeared on Earth, about 115,000 years ago, the planet was experiencing a warmer period, pretty much like it’s happening today. However, according to recent studies, back then, the... Read more »

Earth’s Tilt Could Accelerate Antarctica Ice Loss

Besides the surge in greenhouse gas emissions which exacerbate global warming, the Antarctic ice loss will also become more sensitive to the Earth’s tilt, at an astronomical scale. According to a new... Read more »

Antarctica’s Anomalies That Don’t Fit the Standard Model

Previous research has shown how a shower of particles is created by an avalanche of collisions caused by the high energy cosmic particles that meet the Earth and do not pass right... Read more »

High Energy Particles Came Out of Antarctica, Breaking Physics

Antarctica’s frozen ground spewed high energy particles as if they just traveled through our planet, continuing their path towards space. The cosmic ray was picked up by the ANITA experiment, which is... Read more »