Antarctica Meltdown Can Trigger A Global Sea Level Rise Of 20 Feet

When the first humans appeared on Earth, about 115,000 years ago, the planet was experiencing a warmer period, pretty much like it’s happening today. However, according to recent studies, back then, the... Read more »

Earth’s Tilt Could Accelerate Antarctica Ice Loss

Besides the surge in greenhouse gas emissions which exacerbate global warming, the Antarctic ice loss will also become more sensitive to the Earth’s tilt, at an astronomical scale. According to a new... Read more »

Antarctica’s Anomalies That Don’t Fit the Standard Model

Previous research has shown how a shower of particles is created by an avalanche of collisions caused by the high energy cosmic particles that meet the Earth and do not pass right... Read more »

High Energy Particles Came Out of Antarctica, Breaking Physics

Antarctica’s frozen ground spewed high energy particles as if they just traveled through our planet, continuing their path towards space. The cosmic ray was picked up by the ANITA experiment, which is... Read more »

“You Can See Almost Everything” In Antarctica, The Best-Mapped Continent on the Planet

Earth has a lot of good maps, even in the polar regions. There are maps that even show the thickness of the ice sheet in Antarctica. There is also a map showing... Read more »

Diving Robots Discovering Carbon Emissions off Antarctica

A new study that was just published in Geophysical Research Letters shows some unanticipated climate data from the seas around Antarctica. If until the present time the Southern Ocean was believed to... Read more »

Minus 144 Degrees Celsius: The Coldest Region in Antarctica is Far Colder than Scientists Believed

Scientists have known for many years that Antarctica’s valleys are the coldest place on Earth, and satellites showed the lowest temperature being minus 93 degrees Celsius. However, satellite data was analyzed recently... Read more »

U.S. Threatened By West Antarctic Ice Melt: 3 Trillion Tons of Ice Lost in 26 Years

Scientists just revealed how fast Antarctica’s ice melted over the last years. Since 1992, it lost 3 trillion tons of ice, losing some of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and Antarctic Peninsula.... Read more »

New Valleys Found in Antarctica are Concerning News

The West and East Antarctic Ice Sheets have been linked by unmapped and unseen valleys. Scientists describe them as… These mountain ranges have been hidden deep under the ice until a recent... Read more »

Scientists Harvest First Vegetable Crops From Antarctic Greenhouse

Last year, a greenhouse container was on its way to the Antarctic. Now, it’s time for the scientists to harvest their crops! They have successfully grown their first crop of veggies without... Read more »