This Fossil Shark Had Teeth Resembling a Spaceship

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65 Million-Year-Old Fossils Uncovered By Saskatchewan Scientists

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Weird Fossil Turtle With No Shell Sheds Light On The Turtle Evolution

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Man Finds 25-Million-Year-Old Teeth Of a Rare Shark

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Prepare to Rethink How Ancient Animals’ Colors Looked: New Kind of Pigment Found in Fossil

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3 Million Years Ago, Toddlers Could Walk Upright and Climb Trees

Scientists have reanalyzed fossils of a three-million-year-old toddler of an early hominid species called Australopithecus afarensis. They realized that the children could walk on two feet and climb trees. The discovery is... Read more »

Paleontologists Discover ‘Monstrous’ Sabre-Toothed Fossils from Russia: The Early Evolution of Mammals

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