Drug Kills ‘Zombie Cells’ And Fights Aging, Patient Trials Show Impressive Results

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The Most Popular Myths About Dementia, Debunked

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How to Prevent the Alzheimer’s Disease?

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Artificial Intelligence May Predict Cognitive Deterioration Leading To Alzheimer’s Disease Within The Next 5 Years

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France Is Building a Revolutionary ‘Alzheimer’s Village’ To Let Patients Roam Free

French patients that have Alzheimer’s disease will get a village of their own. They will live in a village that has stores, small shared houses, hairdressers, a library, gym and even a... Read more »

Major Study Finds Three Genes Linked to Alzheimer’s

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The Number of People Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease Will Triple by 2050

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is the world’s most common reason for progressive dementia, especially in elderly population. The worst thing about AD is the fact that the number of cases where it appears... Read more »