People Plan A Raid On Area 51 To Discover The Secrets About Aliens

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Fast Radio Burst That Was Recently Detected Might Be Of Alien Origin

Outer space has always been, and probably always will be, a mystery to humanity. In all of recorded history, humans have been trying to understand our place in the universe, while constantly... Read more »

Alien Life Has Just Been Discovered On Mars

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Aliens Could Reportedly Use Black Holes For Interstellar Travel

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Is this Interstellar Object an Alien Spacecraft? Harvard University Scientist Believes So

When a mysterious space object flew through our solar system in October 2017, leaving us three months later, a Harvard University scientist theorized that it could be an alien spacecraft sent to... Read more »

Alien Life Possible on Frozen ‘Super Earth’ Exoplanet Which is Six Light Years Away

An exoplanet candidate found orbiting a star six light years away from our planet has just been declared by scientists an exoplanet, and it’s called Barnard b. Back in November 2018, researchers... Read more »

NASA Expert Believes That Alien Life May Have Visited Us By Now – Aliens May Have Mastered Interstellar Travel

NASA scientist claims that alien life may have already visited our planet, according to the latest report coming from Daily Mail. Silvano P. Colombano, who works in NASA’s Intelligent Systems Division, believes... Read more »

I Want To Believe: Latest Study Reveals Why Humans Have Not Found Alien Life Yet

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Mysterious FBI Tests At the Sunspot Solar Observatory Sparks Alien Theories

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Are Octopuses Aliens? A New Study Says It Could Be Possible

Scientists have come up with a new theory based on data from different studies and biological information: Octopuses are aliens! It might sound weird at first, but then looking at the evidence,... Read more »