Chinese Mars Rover To Launch In 2020 To Search For Alien Life Signs On The Red Planet

Chinese Mars rover mission is receiving praise from the scientific community due to its ambitious and innovative nature in overcoming challenging obstacles. Chinese scientists have said that they will launch the Mars... Read more »

Alien Life On Exoplanets Might Breathe Phosphine, A Gas Toxic To Life On Earth

In recent years, researchers concluded that the existence of a particular gas which is toxic to life on Earth could indicate the presence of alien life in the universe. The gas in... Read more »

Alien Life On Mars? NASA’s Curiosity Rover Snapped A Strange, Bright Blob On Mars

NASA has revealed an image captured by its Mars Curiosity rover on its official website. The picture depicts an abnormally on the Red Planet’s surface, as the US space agency has noted.... Read more »

Data Registered while Hunting for Alien Life has been Made Public

The hunt for alien life is further speeding, as a Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)​ Center unveil, containing the largest radio in the world, and optical telescope data has been made public.... Read more »

NASA Found Evidence That Life on Venus Might Have Existed In The Past

It is currently being theorized that life on Venus could have existed a long time ago. NASA has made the discovery that the planet had many similarities to Earth. Because of similar... Read more »

Alien Life Might Be More Prevalent As Many Exoplanets Might Have Oceans Of Liquid Water

There is now enough evidence to turn scientists into believing that an ocean on Pluto might not actually be frozen as it was believed up until this point, but rather embedded under... Read more »

Alien Life on Mars Might Be Hiding Deep Underground, Scientists Claim

Humans have been searching for alien life signs in various places in the Universe, including the Red Planet, Mars. Even though NASA’s research programs haven’t been able to find any evidence of... Read more »

NASA Discovers Bizarre Ice Structure on Titan, Which Ignited Alien Life Theories

NASA scientists have encountered an incredible phenomenon, one that perplexed them to the core while unraveling. An enigmatic ice layer is expanding over 40 percent of the largest moon orbited by Saturn... Read more »

Alien Life Is Possible And Finding Extraterrestrials Is Imminent Now

For many people, the notion of alien life remains a fantastic one, linked to blockbuster movies and famous sci-fi novels. In recent years, ET has undergone a significant change as it now... Read more »

Man Claims He Has Discovered A Penguin On Mars In An Image Shared by NASA

Photos from Mars led to numerous conspiracy theories, from UFO lovers who claimed to have found alien spacecraft there, from those who spotted buildings on the Red Planet. Recently, another unusual discovery... Read more »