Alien Life Might Exist On One Of The Earth’s Neighbor, As Proxima Centauri B Could House Water

Recent research suggested that Proxima Centauri B, the closest exoplanet to us, situated at only 4.2 light years, could house water. Therefore, alien life might exist on this Earth’s neighbor. Proxima Centauri... Read more »

Exomoons May Host Alien Life

While some scientists struggle to find life on exoplanets, some have already found a new viable location for alien life: exomoons. Exomoons are satellites that orbit planets which are outside our solar... Read more »

Is There Organic Life In the Salty Subterranean Lake On Mars?

New evidence found that Mars has a glacier, which might hide a salty lake underneath. But now a new question arises: would something live under that frozen brine? John E. Hallsworth, a... Read more »

Alien Life May Exist on Planets Rich in Water

New research has concluded that alien life forms could be encountered even on planets that are entirely covered by water, despite the fact that it was previously thought to be impossible. It... Read more »

NASA Believes Jupiter’s Moon Europa Might Hide Alien Life Just Three Centimeters Under Its Surface

A new study shows that there’s a high possibility that right under the surface of Europe, there might be traces of alien life. Until now, scientists had high hopes that Europa could... Read more »

World UFO Day: Secret MI5 Files Show Spies Hunted for UFOs for Almost Five Decades

Reports from 1947 – 1997 confirmed that spies were looking into UFO sightings in the UK. Then, in 1997, the investigation was put to an end, because Whitehall thought that too much... Read more »

Ex-NASA Physics Scientist Says UFOs Are Real, But the Government Covers Up The Truth

So far, there is no concrete evidence of alien life, but ex-NASA scientist and physics professor thinks that scientists should study more and that there is indeed alien life, but the government... Read more »

“Are We Alone?” Asks an Exoplanet Scientist at NASA

In just ten years, scientists have discovered thousands of exoplanets, learning that there are many worlds in our galaxy, but are they able to host life? And if they are, could we... Read more »

There Are 121 Gas Giants With Habitable Moons

After NASA’s Kepler telescope was launched in 2009, it started identifying exoplanets that orbit other stars. Until now, astronomers used it to find more than 2,000 planets. The main mission of the... Read more »

New Theory: There is an Explanation For Why Haven’t We Found Aliens Yet

It’s been centuries since humankind kept staring at the sky, trying to find something else… And for some time, we’ve been gazing into space to see if there is intelligent life elsewhere... Read more »