Researchers Find Air Pollution Particles Inside Mothers’ Placentas

Researchers at Queen Mary University in London have presented their study at the European Respiratory Society International Congress in Paris recently and showed that there is evidence of air pollution particles in... Read more »

Bill Gates-funded Startup in Squamish Cleans the Air Sucking Up Carbon Dioxide and Making Fuel

International investors have funded a startup based in Squamish which created a revolutionary technology that could combat climate change in the future. It will also affect the future of global politics and... Read more »

Study Shows Pollution Kills Fungi that Nourish the Trees

A new study shows that Europe’s trees are at risk because of pollution that kills essential fungi. There are fungi on the roots of the trees that supply them with water and... Read more »

Air Pollution: How Are 5 Countries Punished for It

The European court of justice can force multimillion-euro fines if the UK and five different nations don’t address the issue. The UK and five different countries have been alluded to Europe’s highest... Read more »

Pregnant Women Exposed to Air Pollution Associated with a Higher Blood Pressure in Their Children

New research published in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension shows that mothers that were exposed to air pollution during the third trimester of their pregnancy increased the risk of their child... Read more »