Virtual Universe Simulation Revealed More About Milky Way And Galaxy Expansion


A recent study shows how scientists sometimes like to play with the universe by generating a multitude of other universes on their supercomputers. What’s intriguing is the fact that they succeeded to find something unexpected. The scientists from the University of Arizona used a virtual universe simulation to find out how the universe might work in reality, coming one step closer to getting more and more answers to questions like how Milky Way was created or how galaxies expand in time.

The team obtained a significant number of insights by using computer simulations. An assistant professor, Peter Behroozi, succeeded to give an image at the mighty universe by generating many another with the help of a supercomputer. He showed how every universe ended by obeying various physical theories for how galaxies should be created.

Also, maybe one of the intriguing things is that this fact challenges some significant theories about the impact dark matter has in galaxy creation, and how galaxies transform time after time, but most importantly, how these succeeds to create stars.

Learning more about Milky Way and galaxy expansion using a virtual universe system

Behroozi further explained how it’s like the supercomputer because, on it, they can recreate a significant number of universes and make a comparison between them to the real one. This study is the first one which could show a closer look at a self-consistent universe that is representing a high similarity of the actual one.

What did the supercomputer, to understand better, it was to create virtual universe simulation that will represent a considerable part of the actual cosmos, having 12 million galaxies and straddling the period from 400 million years after the great Big Bang and back to our day.

The results, however, will be very helpful for researchers to find out the persisting paradox of why galaxies stop to form other stars even when they keep a considerable amount of hydrogen gas.


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