Tyrannosaurus Rex Found In Canada Is The World’s Largest T-Rex


Scotty, named as such after the bottle of scotch that the researchers drank after their discovery, is a Tyrannosaurus Rex that was found in Canada. Now, scientists revealed that Scotty is the world’s largest T-Rex ever unearthed.

This “Canadian” Tyrannosaurus Rex measured 13 meters in length and about 9,000 kilos in weight. According to scientists from the University of Alberta, this T-Rex is the most massive one ever found. The researchers presented their conclusions yesterday, Friday, March 22nd, after about 28 years during which the scientists reconstructed the dinosaur’s skeleton.

“This is the Rex of Rexes. There is considerable size variability among Tyrannosaurus. Some individuals were lankier than others, and some were more robust. Scotty exemplifies the robust,” stated Scott Persons, the leading author of the study and a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Alberta.

Scotty, a Tyrannosaurus Rex found in Canada, is the world’s largest one

Tyrannosaurus Rex has been the fiercest predator in the world of the dinosaurs, and it roamed the Earth in the upper Cretaceous Period, about 68 to 66 million years ago. It was a bipedal carnivore dinosaur with powerful jaws and a huge skull in comparison with the other reptiles that lived in that period.

Besides being the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus Rex, Scotty has also broken another record. This T-Rex found in Canada it’s also the most long-lived dinosaur of its species that researchers have ever unearthed. According to scientists from the University of Alberta, “Scotty is the oldest T-Rex known, having lived into its 30s. By Tyrannosaurus standards, it had an unusually long life. And it was a violent one. Riddled across the skeleton are pathologies — spots where scarred bone records large injuries,” explained Scott Persons.

In short, a Tyrannosaurus Rex found in Canada back in the 90s has been confirmed recently as the world’s largest T-Rex ever discovered on Earth, measuring 13-meter long and weighing about 9,000 kilos.


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