Two Supermassive Black Holes Are On Their Way To A Cosmic Collision With Each Other


Two massive black holes, each of them being 800 million times more massive compared to our sun are on a collision path with one another.

Futurism reveals that the good news is that these are both about 2.5 billion light-years away from our home planet and this means that we’re safe. The data is cited from research that has been published in the journal The Astrophysical Journal Letters this Wednesday.

It’s been also reported that it will take that long for astronomers to detect the cosmic waves given off by the enormous crash.

Better understanding black holes 

On the other hand, this is important because the existence of these black holes alone could help astronomers to better understand the black holes.

Futurism writes that when these two black holes reach their final days, they will be giving off some gravitational waves which are a million times stronger than the ones that have been first discovered at LIGO, Flatiron Institute for Computational Astrophysics scientist Chiara Mingarelli said in a press release.

“Supermassive black hole binaries produce the loudest gravitational waves in the universe,” she said.

Also, it seems that based on the location of the other known supermassive black holes, the scientists are expecting to pick up the ways that are given of by other crashes within the next 5 years or so, according to the same press release.

Astronomers don’t know whether black holes can merge 

It was also reported that it’s a shame for astronomers that they don’t have a clue whether black holes can merge or not.

“It’s a major embarrassment for astronomy that we don’t know if supermassive black holes merge,” Princeton astrophysicist Jenny Greene said in the press release.

She continued and said, “For everyone in black hole physics, observationally this is a long-standing puzzle that we need to solve.”


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