Toyota Is Working On A Moon Rover Concept


It looks like in about ten years from now, Toyota is planning to send people on the moon.

They just teamed up with Japan’s space agency in order to build a fuel cell-powered electric lunar rove that they plan to send into space in 2029, CNN reports.

Traveling thousands of miles on the moon

The latest reports claim that the vehicle will be able to carry two individuals and travel thousands of miles across the surface of the moon.

The rover will be designed in such a way to allow astronauts to live in to without having to wear any spacesuits on.

“As a first step, JAXA and Toyota have reached an agreement to further cooperate on and accelerate their ongoing joint study*1 of a manned, pressurized rover*2 that employs fuel cell electric vehicle technologies. Such a form of mobility is deemed necessary for human exploration activities on the lunar surface,” the official announcement reads.

They continue and explain that “Even with the limited amount of energy that can be transported to the moon, the pressurized rover would have a total lunar-surface cruising range of more than 10,000 km.”

Fuel cell electric vehicles are able to travel much further than battery-powered ones before that have to recharge. This definitely makes the project ideal for going to the moon.

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda said the project shows confidence in the “durability and driving performance” of the automaker’s vehicles and its fuel cell technology for powering electric cars.

Toyoda also said that their industry shares the very same aspirations on international space exploration.

Concept proposal 

Here’s the Concept proposal for the pressurized rover being studied by JAXA and Toyota:

  • Length: 6.0 m; width: 5.2 m; height: 3.8 m (about the size of two microbuses)
  • Living space: 13m3
  • Capable of accommodating two people (four people in an emergency)

We recommend that you head over to Toyota’s official website to learn more details on this massive project.


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