Titan, Largest Moon of Saturn, Should Be The Next Destination, NASA Engineer Thinks


Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, should be the next destination, a NASA scientist considers. Janelle Wellons, a NASA engineer, says we should think about settling on Titan, in case the Earth becomes inhabitable. She has a lost of reasons why we should consider this, one of them being that we would be able to fly with our own arms.

“[Titan] has a thick atmosphere that could help protect us from space radiation,” Wellons wrote on Reddit. “It is so dense that we could actually attach wings to our arms and fly on this moon. I don’t know, it just seems like an awesome place to live.”

Titan Is the Largest Moon of Saturn

During a Reddit appearance, NASA pilots, engineers, and scientists fielded questions from the public, and Wellon was part of it as well. She offered the answers above after one Redditor asked the team, in case Earth will no longer be the right place for humans to live, where should humanity consider moving?

The largest moon of Saturn, Titan, is considered by Janelle Wellon to be the answer to that question. And that is, undoubtedly, a more exciting answer than the standard Moon or Mars ones.

“How about we consider one of the water worlds in our solar system — Titan,” she wrote. “Titan is the largest moon of Saturn, larger than the planet Mercury even, so I think we could settle with plenty room,” Janelle Wellons added.

Despite its rough weather, Titan should be the next destination, the NASA engineer thinks

Even though Wellon is enthusiastic about this idea, Titan still has its definite downsides. Compared to the Earth, it only gets one percent of the sunlight our planet does and the freezing minus 292 degrees Fahrenheit is the maximum temperature the largest moon of Saturn can reach, according to NASA’s research.

However, Wellon does not lose hope. She wrote that even though you might think the conditions are rough, there are not that bad. Aside from Earth, the only other place where we can find liquids in the form of seas and lakes is Titan.


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  1. No. The amount of resources and money is the next best thing to impossible. Titans to far away and the windows of opportunities to get there are far and few between. Bone and muscle loss on the way there would be brutal. The next actual best place, would be mercury. Which could possibly even support life underground like here on earth. Not saying its there, but probably could if its introduced. The icy poles of mercury would be the best destination, even better than mars. Windows of opportunities to get there is two to three times a year. It’s way closer. Wouldn’t need to worry about significant bone and muscle degradation. Communication when it’s close by would be quicker. When on other side of the sun not so much. Supply trips there would be more frequent. Don’t have to worrry about much of a heat shield entering or leaving mercury, then when you send ship back and forth from the moon over and over again, means less wear and tear on the ship. Main ships there and back would only have to worry about going to the moon and back. Might need extra shielding from a little extra radiation. Solar panels on mercury work more efficiently. Can set up sustainable geothermal electricty. Plants like sunlight. In all honesty, at the moment titan would be my last choice to terraform or have a habitat. Moon first. Then cruithne asteroid. Atria asteroid. Mercury. Moon phobos. Mars. Other moon or moons of jupiter. Then titan. For mercury trip once fueled up on moon recommend using as much lunar soil as that ship could hold. To act as shielding and to unload most of it on mercury before returning to the moon to repeat the process over and over again. Go there heavy, leave light.

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