The Universe Might Be Locked Inside A Giant, Higher Dimensional Black Hole


While the Big Bang theory is widely considered to be the most viable hypothesis related to the origins of the universe, a new study came up with a shocking result – the universe might reside inside a giant, higher dimensional black hole.

According to the Big Bang theory, what we deem to be the universe appeared after a massive explosion started a chain reaction. It is believed that our galaxy, the Milky Way, appeared a few billion years ago in the wake of the Big Bang. The universe continues to grow to this day, and the expansion process continues in the future.

A giant five-dimensional star collapsed to form a higher dimensional black hole

A team of researchers from the Canadian University of Waterloo claims that black holes share a singularity trait with the universe. The study elaborated by the team notes that the universe is placed a more significant distance in comparison to the horizon of a massive black hole, and it may have existed before we started to measure time.

The theory notes that our universe is caught in the four dimensions formed by the destruction of an impressive five-dimensional star that formed, accordingly, a higher dimensional black hole. The theory also tackles the trait of singularity linked to the universe and a scenario which involves the possibility of a similar feature which may subsist between the universes.

A gravitational singularity is a specific location in time and place where the gravitational field generated by a particular body may evolve until it becomes infinite and the Canadian researchers believe that the trait is shared by the singularity found in the middle of a black hole.

The universe might exist in a giant, higher dimensional black hole

Since the gravitational singularity of the universe has been deemed to be among the first stages in the development of the Big Bang theory, the researches thought that they could unify the two arguments. The result is a theory which notes that the Big Bang could be similar to the formation of a higher dimensional black hole.

The most exciting part of the study mentions that the two events could be related. The results have sparked a lot of interest, and the study was published in a peer-reviewed journal.


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