The South Pole Telescope Will Now Examine The Sound of The Early Universe


The cosmic microwave background radiation is the “sound” of the early Universe, and it persists since than puzzling scientists who struggle to understand it better and reveal its mysteries. Now, they might get closer to that as the South Pole Telescope got a new ultra-sensitive camera to explore the background radiation at an incredible level of details.

Until now, it was challenging for the astronomers to detect the sound of the early Universe, that cosmic microwave background radiation. Now, with the installation of the new and highly performant camera on the South Pole Telescope, which boasts 16,000 detectors, about ten times more than its predecessor, the scientists hope to detect the omnipresent microwave energy from the early Universe.

The camera’s sensors are supposed to detect even the slightest modification in the temperature of the light they receive. With that feature, the camera attached to the South Pole Telescope can detect the cosmic microwave background radiation with ease.

“Listening” to the sound of the early Universe, the cosmic microwave background radiation, is crucial for understanding the Universe evolution

This experiment will stretch on several years, but its outcomes might be of great significance for the scientific community as they could help scientists unravel some of the Universe’s mysteries, such as dark energy, neutrino particles, and gravitational waves, among others.

Besides, the camera attached to the South Pole Telescope might also help astronomers pinpoint some of the most ancient galaxies in the Universe where the first stars born, while it might also be useful for physicists to detect never-before-seen particles. Also, this new camera can help humans comprehend better how the Universe works.

However, its primary mission would be to study the cosmic microwave background radiation that lasts from the early Universe and which is crucial for us to understand the evolution of the Universe.


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