Terrifying NASA Warning In Case Of An Asteroid Strike: Employee Speaks About The Inevitable


Scientists are estimating that a life-ending asteroid just like that one that wiped the dinosaurs would collide with our home planet every 100 million years or something similar.

For this reason, Express.co.uk says that we should be safe for another 35 million years, but it seems that there’s this tiny chance that a massive apocalypse-bringing space rock could hit even sooner.

The online publication writes that for this reason, the authorities should have a plan in place but they don’t.

NASA employee Robert Frost has recently addressed this terrifying subject and said that the best thing that governments could do in such a horrible case would be to tell the public to “hunker down” because there would be little to be done in order to prepare for the inevitable.

NASA addresses the nightmarish possibility 

He wrote this as a response to a question that he received and which was saying the following:

“If it were discovered that an asteroid was going to wipe humanity out, say in 2 months, how would the governments of the world respond?”

He responded: “That’s a tough one. Movies tell us they would keep it secret. There’s a lot of sense to that. Mass panic can be more dangerous than the actual event. But my experience working in government is that the government really isn’t good at keeping anything secret unless it begins within a secretive part of the culture, like the military.

He continued and said that “Something like this would likely be first discovered by someone that couldn’t spell ‘security clearance’. It would be evident to astronomers all over the world. Feeling helpless, the government would likely just tell us to ‘hunker down’ and duct tape our window seams.”

He also said that the Democrats would blame it on the Republicans because they have been ignoring global warming and the “Republicans would blame it on the Democrats for not praying in school.”

Anyway, leaving the jokes aside, NASA has admitted that if an asteroid were to be seen when it’s too close to the planet, it would be too late to save Earth.


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