Take A Trip To The Center Of Our Galaxy With A New Milky Way Visualization


A new ultra-high-definition visualization allows you to take a look at the center of the Milky Way. You can check the 360-movie at the end of this article. That is an incredible opportunity, and if you pair the movie with a pair of VR goggles, it would be as if you took a trip directly there.

You can use Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. It is also possible to view the video on a smartphone if you use the YouTube application, and you can move the phone to explore new areas. The 360-degree video an also be watched on a browser, while using YouTube.

In the video, you will be able to explore the galaxy from the point of view of the supermassive black hole located in the center of the galaxy. The user can choose any direction he wishes for exploration. The new visualization was presented by Dr. Christopher Russell of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Pontifical Catholic University) at the 17th meeting of the High-Energy Astrophysics (HEAD) of the American Astronomical Society which takes place in Monterey, Calif.

How was the Milky Way visualization created?

The new visualization combined data from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory with NASA’s Ames supercomputer simulations. That is a new perspective for the Milky Way, and we can observe all the little details, such as the stellar giants with the wind blowing off their surfaces.

The images are very colorful and there are even cyan and blue representing X-ray emission from hot gas which has temperatures of tens of millions of degrees. The yellow shoes cool gas which has the highest densities, while the red emission represents ultraviolet emission from regions of cooler gas that are quite dense and have temperatures of tens of thousands of degrees.


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