Supernova Explosion Brought Heavy Metals On Earth


While we see gold, platinum, and other precious and heavy metals as ours only, in reality, the Earth has nothing in common with them. According to new studies, a supernova explosion brought heavy metals on Earth and contributed to the “birth” of precious metals that we all use as pieces of jewelry.

As per the new study, approximately 80 percent of all the heavy metals in the Universe appeared thanks to the so-called “collapsars.” These represent rare types of a supernova explosion, primarily produced by massive stars, about 30 times more massive than the Sun, according to Professor Daniel Siegel.

Employing the computing power of a few supercomputers, the researchers carried on a computer simulation on the mechanisms of the so-called “collapsars.” The scientists already knew that “collapsars” tend to implode, turning into black holes. Fast-spinning “collapsars” release heavy metals and their distribution is “astonishingly similar to what we observe in our solar system,” as Prof. Siegel stated.

A Supernova Explosion Brought Heavy Metals On Earth

“Eighty percent of these heavy elements we see should come from collapsars. Collapsars are fairly rare in occurrences of supernovae, even more, rare than neutron star mergers — but the amount of material that they eject into space is much higher than that from neutron star mergers,” explained Daniel Siegel.

The science team headed by Daniel Siegel is now hoping that further surveys, like the ones conducted by the James Webb Space Telescope, should register the effects of “collapsars” on the heavy metals on Earth. “That would be a clear signature,” said Siegel.

“Trying to nail down where heavy elements come from may help us understand how the galaxy was chemically assembled and how the galaxy formed. This may actually help solve some big questions in cosmology as heavy elements are a nice trace. We know many more elements that he didn’t. What’s fascinating and surprising is that, after 150 years of studying the fundamental building blocks of nature, we still don’t quite understand how the universe creates a big fraction of the elements in the periodic table,” explained Prof. Daniel Siegel.


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