SpaceX: What’s Next For Elon Musk’s Company After The Incident Involving Crew Dragon Capsule?


Since 2011 when NASA decided to finalize its shuttle mission, Boeing and SpaceX have been in a continuous race for who will be the first to launch astronauts to orbit from U.S. soil. Vice President Mike Pence and some other officials consider the successful first test flight of the company’s Crew Dragon capsule that happened last month the dawn of a new era of commercial spaceflight.

As soon as July, the Crew Dragon was supposed to be flown by a pair of astronaut test pilots to the International Space Station. According to News 6 partner Florida Today, this same capsule has been retrieved from the Florida coast after splashdown from 8th of March, and it was also believed to have been destroyed Saturday while being prepared for another test flight in June.

NASA thinks that the SpaceX Crew Dragon incident will not delay Elon Musk’s company’s plans

NASA’s optimism that reliance on Russia for rides to the station would end soon and the outlook for SpaceX’s crew program have both been clouded by the acrid smoke that billowed from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and could be seen for miles along the Space Coast.

The space agency’s goal to maintain access for the U.S. to the station is struggling as they are trying to come up with options for that to happens as it runs out of seats on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft early next year. According to NASA officials, the incident in which the Crew Dragon has been involved will not create a delay for the planned launch to the station of a cargo-flying Dragon on 30th of April which shares some common components.

Some speculation even indicated that the cargo resupply mission would also be affected by the incident. Regarding the Crew Dragon capsule event that happened on Saturday, we do not have many details as they have not been released yet.


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