SpaceX Starship Test Flight Was Delayed- Here’s Why


It appears that the test flight SpaceX had planned for its starship will have to wait. The test flight was supposed to take place this week, and preparations were underway in Boca Chica near Brownsville, South Texas. The test was supposed to be just a small hop, merely leaving the ground. Elon Musk did tweet that the spacecraft would “hopefully” lift off.

“Hopefully. Always many issues integrating engine & stage. First hops will lift off, but only barely,” said Elon Musk on Twitter.

The SpaceX team hoped that the rocket would be launched on Thursday between 3 PM GMT and 9 PM GMT (10 AM CST and 4 PM CST). However, the weather made this impossible. According to the SpaceX spokesman, they are preparing for an engine test for the spaceship.

SpaceX Starship Test Flight Was Delayed

“SpaceX will conduct checkouts of the newly installed ground systems and perform a short static fire test in the days ahead. Although the prototype is designed to perform suborbital flights, or hops, powered by the SpaceX Raptor engine, the vehicle will be tethered during initial testing and hopes will not be visible from offsite,” declared SpaceX spokesman James Gleeson.

The fact that the rocket is supposed to rise a couple of feet from the ground is what gave it the “Starhopper” nickname. SpaceX fans are already circling the facility after the launch plans were made public. One notice was shared on Reddit, and it reads “SpaceX is planning to conduct testing as soon as the week of March 18, 2019, at the company’ site located near Boca Chica Beach, Cameron County, Texas. During these those tests, SpaceX will establish a safety zone perimeter in coordination with local law enforcement.”

Once all these tests are completed, the SpaceX Starship rocket is expected to make its first trip beyond the Moon.


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