SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket – Elon Musk Announces Its Crash Into The Atlantic Ocean


A holiday shipment with Christmas turkey and more goodies was supposed to rocket towards the ISS and then back.

SpaceX launched this on a Falcon 9 rocket but the first-stage booster aimed for a touchdown on land back at Cape Canaveral after the job was done, but it ended up crashing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Elon Musk announced what happened on Twitter and a SpaceX commentator called the whole thing a bummer. This was the very first missed landing at Cape Canaveral.

“Pump is single string. Some landing systems are not redundant, as landing is considered ground safety critical, but not mission critical. Given this event, we will likely add a backup pump & lines,” Musk also tweeted.

People were pretty supportive on Twitter and sent Musk encouraging messages.

For instance, someone tweeted, “Scared me there! Thanks for the quick update. Had my heart racing. Elon you are the man. There are no mistakes. Only learning opportunities.”

“What a great day for a launch,” said Kennedy Space Center director Bob Cabana. Twenty years ago this week, Cabana commanded the shuttle mission that carried up the first U.S. part of the space station.

Wednesday’s Falcon rocket was brand new, while the Dragon cargo carrier was recycled by SpaceX. The capsule should reach the 250-mile-high outpost Saturday; it also visited in 2017.

Dinner and animals on board 

Besides smoked turkey breast and other delicious treats, the delivery also includes 40 mice and 36,000 worms which will be studied for aging and muscles.

Researchers are expecting a tenfold increase in the worm population, and there’s going to be enough room on board for all of them.

The worms’ muscles have turned out to be quite similar to ours as strange as that may sound and that’s why it’s important to study them to see what happens in space.


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