SpaceX First Set Of 60 Starlink Satellites Finally Launched In Space On Thursday


The SpaceX spacecraft carrying the 60 satellites into space on was finally launched in space on Thursday after the lofting was delayed several times.

This is reported to be the most massive payload that a Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy spacecraft ever carried in space, as Elon Musk said before the event. Data reported show that more than 37,000 pounds were launched in the Earth’s orbit through this mission.

This is just another milestone for SpaceX

These satellites are part of a bigger plan, which aims to provide high-speed, affordable internet to individuals anywhere around the planet through building a mega-constellation of interconnected satellites. Elon Musk stated this he intends to gain enough profit through this process to be able to fund its more ambitious goal of sending astronauts to Mars or even going as far as aiming to build the first human colony on our closest neighbor.

Musk stated that Starlink itself “is one of the hardest engineering projects I’ve ever seen or done.”

SpaceX launched its first 60 Starlink satellites on Thursday

On Thursday, the company launched the first rocket from Cape Canaveral Floride, and the 60 satellites were deployed in the very low orbit of the Earth estimative one hour after the liftoff, at roughly 440 km above the surface.

The mega constellation will be formed of about 12,000 such satellites which will gravitate close to our planet. In order to get “moderate” coverage, 720 satellites need to be launched, and Starlink will probably cost more billions of dollars to be complete, but Musk states that the costs required to begin operations are already covered.

Elon Musk added that at this point, the capital collected is enough to support an operational level. SpaceX is not the only companies that aim to launch such interconnected satellite in space to form a mega-constellation. Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is a similar project, and many others are following up.


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