Space Travel Success: A Spacecraft Can Travel 3.6 Million Miles Per Day


There’s a new breakthrough in space travel these days. It’s been just reported that a spaceship that could travel 3.6 million miles per day has been successfully tested in Earth Orbit.

According to the latest reports coming from, the spacecraft is called The Lightsail 2.

This craft is an experiment that has been built in order to prove the practical application of a controlled “solar sail.”

Solar sailing 

This spacecraft has the ability to far outstrip traditional rocket engines.

The revolutionary mission was launched back on June 25 and it has been developed by “The Planetary Society”, based in the US.

This voyage is extremely important because it managed to become the first-ever to demonstrate solar sailing and used energy from the Sun to orbit Earth.

The spaceship is really tiny and it measures just 10x10x30cm. This was powered with propelled sunlight bouncing off its mirrored sails.

“The exploitation used thin plastic sheets to gather the momentum from the Sun,” writes the online publication mentioned above.

The mission is groundbreaking 

Bruce Betts LightSail program manager and the Planetary Society chief scientist Bill Nye hailed the groundbreaking mission.

Betts said the following: “We’re thrilled to announce mission success for LightSail 2.”He continued and said, “Our criteria was to demonstrate controlled solar sailing in a CubeSat by changing the spacecraft’s orbit using only the light pressure of the Sun, something that’s never been done before.”

Bill Nye said the mission was a “game-changer” for further space exploration.

He said: ”For The Planetary Society, this moment has been decades in the making. Carl Sagan talked about solar sailing when I was in his class in 1977. But the idea goes back at least to 1607, when Johannes Kepler noticed that comet tails must be created by energy from the Sun.”

Regarding space travel, previous studies revealed that space travel might cause some severe conditions in astronauts engaged in deep space journeys.

Surprisingly, a new study came out to say that space travel is not shortening astronauts’ lives.


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    1. Yeah exactly. Big numbers sound cool but it’s actually still VERY slow. Ion bases propulsion offers much more then solar sail tech but this IS pretty cool. Just not the speed or distance part.

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