Space Launch System Images, Blurred By NASA – What’s The Agency Hiding?


From movies such as A Trip to Mars (1910), Mission to Mars (2000) or The Martian (2015), to exploration programs and missions promised by SpaceX or NASA, people have fantasized about getting to Mars for decades. NASA, for its part, already shared pics with its Space Launch System, but the images of the spaceship were blurred, raising many questions among viewers.

While robots have studied Mars for more than 40 years, it seems that humans are not far from setting foot on this planet. We know that NASA plans to send humans to Mars in the 2030s and, for that reason, they designed the Space Launch System (SLS), a powerful rocket that will carry people on missions to the Red Planet. The SLS is scheduled for a test flight with no crew by 2020.

NASA has released some photos of the Space Launch System spacecraft, which were seen on the independent news website NASA Watch, but large sections of the body of the rocket are blurry.

Why did NASA blur Space Launch System images? Is there something they wanted to hide?

There might be reasons such as hiding the name of the rocket for advertising reasons, not wanting rival nations such as China to see the spacecraft, or maybe there are military technologies that are not intended for civilian eyes. One thing is for sure: large areas of the rocket that have been blurred in photos.

If the Space Launch System’s test flight will go well, in 2022, NASA plans to launch a second test flight around the Moon, that time with a crew on board.

Even though there was a lot of criticism surrounding the Space Launch System, as it will use the budget designated for other projects, NASA was determined not to reduce launch costs. Hopefully, as more launching approaches, we will be able to see what NASA is hiding in the recently-released blurry photos.


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