Solar System Needs To Be Protected From Space Mining


A group of scientists teamed up concerning a plan which states that humans should protect the solar system from space mining. The group wants to avow a part of the solar system as an official ‘space wilderness’ so it would remain shielded from the humans’ greed. According to a report from The Guardian, the motion requests for more than a percent of 85 of the solar system to be protected from human establishments.

Martin Elvis, senior astrophysicist at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, also the lead author of the plea says that if we don’t think of this matter now, humans will forge ahead [with creating disasters] as we have always done. And, in a short period, we will be faced with such a critical crisis, even much extreme than what we have on Earth at the moment. Because, he says, after humans would have explored and taken advantage of the solar system, there will be absolutely nowhere left to turn to.

The study will be issued in an upcoming edition of the journal Acta Astronautica, and it implies that humans could utilize an eighth of the cosmic system’s provision of iron, the researchers’ suggested cord limit after which humans would be at jeopardy of being depleted of space assets for an uncertain period. This could happen in just 400 years from now.

Space mining shapes up as a new, modern “gold rush”

Several private firms have proposed that space exploitation could advance human progress in space, and at the same time gaining extremely high profits. For example, the U.S.-based firm Planetary Resources is at the moment drawing its plan to search for essential water resources which are ‘essential’ for human advancement in space, their website claims.

The next generation of human discoverers is at fault to be carried over by the wonderful idea of space assets as well, regardless of the costs and effects. The Colorado School of Mines has already started to furnish people with a Ph.D. program that teaches them how to explore, extract, and use space assets.

What is pretty evident is the fact that humankind has not learned its lesson here, on this planet. Elvis explained to The Guardian that humans could prepare and send people in space, carrying out space mining missions in perhaps ten years from now. Once this will commence and somebody will gain enormous profit, humans will surge to it as they did in the Gold Rush period, stripping the space naked until nothing will remain.


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  1. A person who ate paint chips as a child believed mining asteroids would be pollution and only NASA should be allowed in space. Sounds like she has a lot in common with this “genius astrophysicist”

    This is just misanthropic environmentalism as a religion…and space isn’t even an environment with living organisms.

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